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Automotive Eth

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Automotive Ethernet Verification IP

Truechip's Automotive Ethernet Verification IP provides an effective & efficient way to verify the components interfacing with 2.5G,5G and 10G Automotive Ethernet interface of an IP or SoC. Truechip's Automotive Ethernet VIP is fully compliant with IEEE standard 802.3ch-2020 and 802.3-2018 specification. This VIP is light weight with easy plug-and- play interface so that there is no hit on the design cycle time.

Key Benefits

  • Available in native System Verilog (UVM/OVM/ VMM) and Verilog
  • Unique development RTL coding technic to ensure the highest levels of quality for lower latency, highest through put, lesser area
  • Verified with expertized team using Compliance & Regression Test Suites
  • Consistency of interface, installation, operation and documentation across all our IPs
  • 24X5 customer support
  • Unique and customizable licensing models


  • Provides 2.5G,5G and 10G as per IEEE standard 802.3ch-2020 specification
    • Supports Ethernet XGMII
    • Supports single balanced pair of conductors
    • Supports full-duplex Ethernet MAC
    • Supports 64/65B Encoding
    • Supports PAM4 and Gray mapping
    • Supports RS-FEC (326,360) and RS-FEC superframe
    • Support OAM
    • Supports PAM4 Encoder/Decoder
    • Supports Normal Data Mode, training Mode and LPI Mode
  • Supports Energy Efficient Ethernet
  • Supports time Synchronisation as per IEEE standard 1588
  • Supports clock data recovery(CDR)
  • Supports Pause Frame-Based Flow Control
  • Supports test pattern generation and checking
  • Supports Management data Input/output registers
  • Supports full-duplex operation
  • Callback support in all Layers to provide user control
  • Rich set of configuration and parameters
  • Supports Dynamic as well as Static Error Injection scenarios
  • On the fly protocol checking static and dynamic assertion
  • Built-in Coverage analysis
  • Graphical analyzer to show transactions for easy debugging


  • Deliverables Automotive Ethernet 2.5G, 5G and 10G BFM's for
    • MAC layer
    • Reconciliation layer
    • PCS layer
    • PMA layer
    • RS-FEC layer
    • PMD layer
  • Automotive Ethernet 2.5G,5G and 10G layered monitors and scoreboard
  • Test environment and Test Suite-
    • Basic and Directed Protocol Tests
    • Random Tests
    • Error Scenario Tests
    • Assertions & Cover Point Tests
    • User Test Suite
  • Integration Guide, User Manual, and Release Note
  • GUI analyzer to view simulation packet Flow
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