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What is a Performance Monitor?

Performance Monitor is a Smart tool from Truechip Solutions that helps in computing the performance of your products. It has different ways to provide the analysis of Performance. It has in-built Artificial intelligence models that give accurate results in a very systematic manner.

What performance Monitor offers?

  • Latency variation over the entire transactions
  • Count for transactions having minimum, maximum and average latencies
  • Consolidated summary timeline for different performance numbers in single window
  • Statistics Summary for different types of commands encountered on bus
  • Bandwidth (GBps) and throughput Numbers
  • Actual Data transfer
  • Time window to select the duration for computing utilisation
  • Utilisation percentage in terms of total, Maximum, Minimum and Average utilisations.

Advantages of Using Performance Monitor from TruEye.

  • Robust model tested over multiple customers
  • Available for all the products
  • Time window to select the portion for computing performance
  • Root cause for performance hit can be easily diagnosed
  • Highly accurate results
  • All parameters considered for finding performance