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Webinar Topic

GenZ-An Architectural Understanding

Who Should Attend :

  • Professionals working on development of Soc/IP/VIP level of GenZ.
  • Professionals working on verification of GenZ at Soc/IP/VIP level or any intermediate level.
  • People keen to know how GenZ is shaping new era of superspeed data transfers.
  • Freshers in the field of VLSI industry.

Key Take Aways from Webinar:

  • Need for GenZ
  • The GenZ Physical Layer
  • GenZ Core Architecture
  • Packet Handling

Past Webinars

  • Revealing USB 3.2 - From Bootup
    to Data Transfer
  • DDR-Exploring DIMMS
  • Ethernet-Unveiling the Basics
  • PCIe Gen4 - Decoding Verification
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