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Truechips Verification IP provides an effective and efficient way to verify the components interfacing with industry standard protocols in an ASIC/FPGA or SOC.

Advantages of TruEYE™️ GUI

Paradigm shift in process of Debugging from Signal Level to Transaction Level

Parameter Description TruEYE™️ Advantages
Decoding not required Provides decoded packet, handshake, state machine and command information Easy Debugging
Configuration Allows user to configure the VIP BFMs and create/ modify tests in a graphical way, bypassing incorrect configs Easy Configuration
Attributes Searching Search the required field i.e. Time, commands, errors, configs, etc. Easy Search
Error Detection Provides Information of Errors with its probable cause Easy Error
Automated Integration GUI reduces the man-effort by giving user an option to automate the integration process Easy Integration
Debug Time GUI reduces the debug time upto 50% and speeds up the process Saves Time
Reduced Efforts Engineers with lesser experience can successfully debug with ease based on useful info from GUI Resource
Packaged Tool Bundled with the Truechip VIP, no extra cost is associated Budget

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