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NVME 2.0/1.4

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NVMe 2.0 Verification IP

Truechip's NVMe 2 Verification IP provides an effective & efficient way to verify the components interfacing with CXL interface of an IP or SoC. Truechip's NVM 2 VIP is fully compliant with the latest NVMe specifications. This VIP is a light weight with an easy plug-and-play interface so that there is no hit on the design cycle time.

Key Benefits

  • Available in native System Verilog (UVM/OVM/ VMM) and Verilog
  • Unique development methodology to ensure the highest levels of quality
  • Availability of Compliance & Regression Test Suites
  • 24X5 customer support
  • Unique and customizable licensing models
  • Exhaustive set of assertions and coverage points with connectivity example for all the components
  • Consistency of interface, installation, operation, and documentation across all our VIPs
  • Provide complete solution and easy integration in IP and SoC environment


  • Compliant with the NVMe 2, 1.4, 1.3, 1.2 specification.
  • Compliant with PCI Express Specifications 6.0 v0.7(64GT/s), 5.0 v1.0(32GT/s), 4.0 v1.0 (16GT/s), 3.0 (8GT/s), 2.0 (5GT/s) and 1.1 (2.5GT/s).
  • Compliant with PIPE Specification 6.0,5.1, 4.4.1.
  • NVMe on top of Low Power, CXS, CPI, CXL, CXL Security, PCIe Gen6/5/4/3 management
  • Fully categorized test plan for all kinds of NVMe commands.
  • Supports fused operation.
  • Supports the on the fly queue creation and deletion.
  • Support for NVMe subsystem Reset.
  • Supports for PRP and SGL for data transfer.
  • Support for queue priority.
  • Supports all mandatory commands.
  • Configurable number of outstanding Abort and Asynchronous commands.
  • Supports multiple Namespaces.
  • Support for Namespace Attachment, Namespace Management and Format NVM commands.
  • Configurable number of IO completion and submission queues with configurable number of queue size.
  • Support for MSI, MSIx and PIN based interrupt mechanisms.
  • Support for Verify command.
  • Truechip proprietary Address mapping for SSD address mapping.
  • Both AXI bus and Truechip proprietary bus for transferring data to SSD are supported.
  • Supports for Host Memory Buffer feature with configurable host memory size and number of hosts.
  • All Directive commands with both Identify and Stream Directive types are supported with a configurable number of stream resources.
  • Support for Sanitize command with all the three supported sanitize methods.
  • Support for Telemetry.
  • Support for NVM sets, PMR regions and Read recovery levels.
  • APB Support to configure DUT registers.
  • Supports for Virtualization with configurable number of controller on virtual function.
  • Support for Metadata Handling.
  • End-to-end data protection (T10 DIF and DIX compatible).
  • Security sends and receives command support.
  • Firmware update and activation.
  • Support for Autonomous power management.
  • Robust error reporting.
  • Interrupt coalescing configuration control.
  • Capability discovery and configuration.
  • Up to 64K I/O queues each with up to 64K entries.
  • Fixed-size 64B submission commands and 16B completions enable fast and efficient command decode and execution.
  • Supports advanced SystemVerilog features like constrained random testing.
  • Supports dynamically configurable modes
  • Support for NVME MI 1.0 specification version
  • Complaint with UNH-IOL NVMe Conformance v13.0


  • NVM EXPRESS Host/ NVMe Controller
  • NVM EXPRESS Monitor and Scoreboard
  • Test Environment & Test Suite:​
    •  Basic and Directed Protocol Tests
    •  Random Tests and Error Scenario Tests
    • Assertions & Cover Point Tests
    • Compliance Tests
  • Documents:
    • Integration Guide
    • User Manual
    • Quick Start Guide, Release Notes
    • FAQs
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