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 SPI/QSPI/OSPI Verification IP 

Truechip's SPI/QSPI/OSPI Verification IP provides an effective & efficient way to verify the components interfacing with SPI/QSPI/OSPI interface of an ASIC/FPGA or SoC.

VIP environment encapsulates the SPI/QSPI/OSPI compatible UVM based Master, compatible Slave, BUS monitor & Scoreboard. BUS monitor monitors all the transfers that are going on the SPI/QSPI/OSPI bus. It verifies all the transfers for any protocol violation and displays an error message with the cause of the error, if an error occurs in the transfer. Protocol checks based on assertion checking are also done to enhance the capability of the bus monitor.

The VIP fully supports the out of box testing. User can plug in their DUT slave or DUT Master in this environment. Various test suites are provided for regressive testing. The user can also write his own test case according to his intention. This VIP is a lightweight with an easy plug-and-play interface so that there is no hit on the design time and the simulation time.

Key Benefits

  • Available in native System Verilog (UVM/OVM/VMM) and Verilog
  • Unique development methodology to ensure the highest levels of quality
  • Availability of Compliance & Regression Test Suites
  • 24X5 customer support
  • Unique and customizable licensing models
  • Exhaustive set of assertions and coverage points with connectivity example for all the components
  • Consistency of interface, installation, operation, and documentation across all our VIPs
  • Provide complete solution and easy integration in IP and SoC environment


  • SPIAvailable in UVM, System UVM, UVM.
  • Error response types supported.
  • Multi-Slave and Single-Master support.
  • Rich set of configuration parameters for each individual Slave Agent
  • Configurable wait states.
  • Supports different memory update Mode Configurations.
  • Rich set of configuration parameters for Master Agent
  • Supports continuous or non-continuous read/write transmission.
  • Rich set of configuration parameters to control SPI functionality.
  • UVM status counters for various transfers on the bus
  • SPI/QSPI/OSPI Verification IP comes with a complete test suite to test every feature of Motorola, Macronix, Windbond, Micron, and Samsung specifications.
  • Simultaneous transfer from master and slave.
  • Supports 8-bit/16-bit/32-bit shift registers for Tx/Rx.
  • Supports an 8-bit/16-bit/32-bit bus interface.
  • Supports two independent 32-bit wide transmit and receive FIFOs.
  • Supports serial clock with programmable polarity and phase.
  • Supports control of SPI operation during wait mode.
  • Supports Single I/O, Dual I/O and Quad I/O, Extended I/O protocol.
  • Supports DTR(Double Transfer Rate) mode.
  • Supports Quad Input/output page program (4PP).
  • Supports error logs with the descriptive cause of error or protocol violations.
  • User Test Suite 


  • SPI/QSPI/OSPI Master
  • SPI/QSPI/OSPI Monitor
  • SPI/QSPI/OSPI Scoreboard
  • Test Suites (in Source Codes)
  • Basic Test Suite
  • Random Test Suite
  • Error Test Suite
  • User Test Suite
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