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JESD204C Verification IP

Truechip's JESD204C Verification IP provides an effective & efficient way to verify the components (data converters and/or logic devices) connecting with JESD204C link.

Truechip's JESD VIP is fully compliant with standard JESD204C specification from JEDEC standard. This VIP is a light weight VIP with easy plug-and-play interface so that there is no hit on the design time.

Key Benefits

  • Available in native SystemVerilog (UVM/OVM/VMM) and Verilog
  • Unique development methodology to ensure highest level of quality.
  • Availability of Compliance & Regression Test Suites
  • 24X5 customer support
  • Unique and customizable licensing models
  • Exhaustive set of assertions and cover points with connectivity example for all the components
  • Consistency of interface, installation, operation and documentation across all our VIPs


  • Truechip JESD204C VIP is compliant to the latest JESD204C specification by JEDEC
  • It is also backward compatible to all the previous versions of JESD204
  • Supports a wide range configuration for data converter devices
  • over single and multiple serial links with each link can support  single or multiple lanes as per requirements
  • Supports serial data rate up to 36 Gbps
  • One or more convertor devices are supported
  • Supports configuration variants:
    • Single vs. multiple converters per converter device
    • Single lane vs. multiple lanes per converter device
    • Single converter device vs. multiple converter devices connected to one logic device
  • Supports all working modes:   
    • Data mode vs. test mode   
    • Active mode vs. idle mode 
  • Supports all class devices for B category like B-3, B-6, B-12
  • Supports all class devices for C category like, C-S, C-M, C-R
  • Supports all Subclasses and ability to support Deterministic latency in Subclass 1 and 2:
    • l Subclass 0 also which is intended for interfacing to JESD204A 
    • Subclass 1 for all three link layers
    • Subclass 2 for 8b/10b link layer 
  • Supports generation of SYSREF or MULTIREF and using them  in alignment of LMFC or LEMC respectively for Subclass 1
  • Alignment of LMFC using SYNC~ also supported for device subclass 2
  • Supports transport layer mapping as per JESD204C protocol
  • Supports oversampling during transport layer mapping
  • Supports 64B/80B  and 64B/80B link layer with the following Features: 
    • 64B/66B and 64B/80B encoding   
    • Sync header stream provides transmission of information parallel to the  user data
    • Additionally CRC-12 / CRC-3 for error detection, Forward error correction (FEC) for error detection, correction, reporting and command channel for transmitting commands and status information 
    • Sync header alignment and Extended multiblock alignment at receiver
  • 8B/10B  link layer is also supported
  • Supports both “hard-wired” SYNC interface and “soft” SYNC interface and SYNC interface is compatible with JESD204A & JESD204B
  • Supports combined and non-combined SYNC~ signaling for 8B/10B link layer
  • Frame and lane alignment and monitoring is supported
  • Hard wire and soft sync interface is supported
  • Supports up to 32 lanes
  • Scrambler can be enabled or disabled
  • Supports easy configurations and err-injection scenarios
  • Supports functional coverage with bus coverage and configuration coverage 
  • Supports comprehensive compliance test suite, Constraint  random test cases and error injection test cases for verification
  • Supports strong protocol monitoring and checks
  • Supports transaction logger with the option of GUI
  • Supports strict assertion checks. 


  •  Transmitter and Receiver Device Agent
  •  Monitor and Scoreboard agent
  • Test environment and test suit 
    •  Basic and directed protocol tests 
    • Random Tests 
    • Error Scenario Tests 
    • Assertions & Cover P  Tests
  • Integration guide, user manual, release notes, ppt for integration of User’s DUT in VIP environment and integration of VIP in user’s SoC environment
Download the Product Brochure from here