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SSIC Verification IP

Truechip's SSIC Verification IP provides an effective & efficient way to verify the components interfacing with SSIC interface of an IP or SoC Truechip's SSIC VIP is fully compliant with standard Super Speed USB specifications from USB-IF. This VIP is a light weight VIP with easy plug-and-play interface so that there is no hit on the design cycle time.


  • Support for the SS protocol defined in USB3.
  • Support Type-1 M-ports from the MIPI M-PHY specifications.
  • Compliant with x1, X2, X4 lanes
  • Physical Adaptor, PIPE to RMMI Bridging Logic available
    • Elasticity Buffer
    • Scramling/ Descraming
    • Lane Management
    • Burst Framing
  • LTSSM controller logic is available in physical adapter
  • M-PHY support for PWM-G1 and HS-G1/G2/G3 burst mode
  • operation
  • Compliant to M-PHY symbol coding (8b/10b)
  • Remote Register Access Protocal (RRAP)
  • Support SSIC link layer features.


  • USB 3.0 Host/Device
  • Physical Adapter
  • USB 3.0/SSIC BFM/Agents for :
    • PHY Layer
    • Link Layer
    • Protocol Layer
    • USB 3.0/SSIC Layered Monitor and Scoreboard
  • Test Environment & Test Suite :
    • Basic and Directed Protocol Tests
    • Random Tests
    • Error Scenario Tests
    • Assertions & Cover Point Tests
    • Compliance Tests
  • Integration Guide, User Manual and Release Notes
Download the Product Brochure from here