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Terminus Circuits and Truechip partner for comprehensive verification of High Speed Serial Protocols, viz.: PCIe Gen4 and USB 3.1

Truechip-PR-Feb 2017

Terminus Circuits and Truechip partner for comprehensive verification of High Speed Serial Protocols, viz.: PCIe Gen4 and USB 3.1

February 27, 2017 – Truechip Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (“Truechip”), the Verification IP specialist and Terminus Circuits, a leading provider of High Speed Serial (HSS) Link IP products announced partnership for PCIe Gen4 and USB 3.1 verification. The two companies enter into a partnership to provide the end customers a solution that is comprehensively tested and risk free.

Dr. Sankar Reddy, President & CEO of Terminus Circuits, commented that Truechip has a wide variety of specialized verification IPs (VIPs) that are architected and designed by leveraging comprehensive test-bench and assertion based verification methodologies to cover the scenarios for High Speed Serial Protocols. Truechip’s compliance suite for these protocols is quite comprehensive and user friendly.

Nitin Kishore, CEO of Truechip, commented that Terminus Circuits, with its innovative architectures that are built over the years in the area of High Speed Serial Link, has silicon proven products available in many flavors of technology nodes ranging from 90nm to 28nm across the top three major foundries. This partnership will help in faster turnaround time for customer’s subsystem development and provide a risk free ASIC/IP to customers.

About Terminus Circuits:

Terminus Circuits is 7+ year old company in the design and development of High Speed Serial Link IPs. Our flagship products are USB3.0/3.1, PCIE Gen4/3/2/1 and multi-standard SerDes. The innovative architectures developed in-house bring in the superior performance products with high throughput and low latency. The state-of-the art subsystems like PCIE Gen4, USB3.1 and the HSS links that go into high end computing systems like High Performance Computers for cloud computing, brain simulations, weather forecasting in enterprise applications and for applications like laptops, mobiles etc., in consumer products.  Terminus Circuits provides the physical layer solutions that are critical in the development of hyper converged systems with integrated storage, networking and computing. Terminus Circuits, a privately held company having offices in Bangalore, India and in Stockholm, Sweden, is well connected to all the Geo’s through its sales channels in USA, Taiwan, Japan and Europe.
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Terminus Circuits
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About Truechip:

Truechip, the Verification IP specialist, is a leading provider of Verification IP solutions – which help you, accelerate your design, lowering the cost and the risks associated with the development of your ASIC, FPGA and SOC. Truechip is a privately held company, with a global footprint and sales coverage across North America, Europe and Asia. Truechip has been serving customers since over 7 years in VLSI with a strong and experienced leadership. Truechip is Industry’s first 24x5 support model with Specialization in VIP integration, customization and SOC Verification.
Truechip is also a member of MIPI Alliance (www.mipi.org) and also provides Verification IPs for MIPI interfaces. MIPI Alliance is a global, collaborative organization comprised of companies that span the mobile ecosystem and are committed to defining and promoting interface specifications for mobile devices.
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