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Truechip Adds USB 4 Hub Model & USB 4 Retimer Model to its Verification IP Portfolio

Truechip Adds USB 4 Hub Model & USB 4 Retimer Model to its Verification IP Portfolio

Noida & Bengaluru, June 28, 2022--Truechip, the Verification IP Specialist, today announced that it has introduced USB 4 HUB & Retimer models to its existing Verification IP product continuum. The addition of USB 4 HUB & Retimer models strengthens the USB Verification IP offering holistically.


Speaking on the occasion, Nitin Kishore, CEO, Truechip said, “We have been the forerunner in introducing the latest Verification IP protocols and it is our constant endeavor to augment further functionalities to each of the VIPs in our portfolio. USB 4 HUB & Retimer models are the result of the same effort. We now cater to all wired USB standards including HUB and Re-Timers. By delivering USB 4 HUB & Retimer models designers can now create multiple instances, fostering flexibility to perform numerous blends of his/her DUT along with the models thus testing the DUT in multiple setups and scenarios and enhancing the DUT testing."


USB 4 HUB distinguished Features:

  1. Supports lane Adapters in the USB4 HUB supports RSFEC Encoding, Lane Bonding, Skew Mechanism, Gen 3/2 operating speeds with Low Power - CL0s, CL1, and CL2
  2. Prepares routing table for all tunneling protocols i.e., USB3, DP, PCIe, and Host-to-Host tunneling.

USB 4 Retimer distinguished Features:

  1. Participates in Router detection and lane initialization from Phase - 1 to Phase - 5 in both with and without TBT3 Mode enabled.
  2. Supports Retimer channel state machine - Bitlock, Forwarding, Low Power (CL0s, CL1 and CL2) and CLd state with Disconnect mechanism also present.

Speaking on the occasion, Saurabh Agarwal, Head-Marketing & Sales at Truechip said, “We believe in innovations and have been the pioneer in the field of Verification and today our products and services are highly recommended by professionals in the industry. We have an extensive plan to expand our product offerings with the industry's first P3 policy of performance, perseverance, and permanence.  We have debuted the IP market with NoC Silicon IP. Truechip’s constant endeavor is to devise novel products and solutions which transfigure the processes in the semiconductor planetary.” For more information on USB 4 VIP and other VIPs, you can visit our website or can click here.

About Truechip:

Truechip is a leading provider of Verification IP solutions, DFT, Physical design and verification services, which aid to accelerate IP/ SOC design thus lowering the cost and the risks associated with the development of ASIC, FPGA and SOC. Truechip provides Verification IP solutions for RISC V-based chips, Networking, Automotive, Microcontroller, Mobile, Storage, Data Centers, AI domains for all known protocols along with custom VIP development. A privately held company with solid and seasoned leadership, having global footprints and coverage across North America, Europe, and Asia. Truechip offers Industry’s first 24 x 7 technical support.

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