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Truechip announces first customer shipment of 25G/ 50G Ethernet Comprehensive Verification IP (CVIP)

Truechip-PR-Feb 2017

Truechip announces first customer shipment of 25G/ 50G Ethernet Comprehensive Verification IP (CVIP)

Feb 27, 2017 - Truechip Solutions, the verification IP specialist, announced that it has shipped early adopter versions of its 25G and 50G Ethernet Comprehensive Verification IP (CVIP) to its partner in the early adoption program.

CVIPs are natively developed in SystemVerilog and UVM, and are architected such that a single VIP is able to provide comprehensive, seamless block, SoC and System Level Verification across dynamic simulation, assertion based dynamic and formal verification, as well as support for hardware acceleration and emulation. The CVIP is compatible with all industry leading simulators and is designed to be friendly with hardware platforms.
Nitin Kishore, CEO of Truechip, said in a statement, “Since over 3 decades, the Ethernet standard continues to evolve, with new and high speed standards to meet the demands of applications from various market segments. 25G/ 50G Ethernet helps enterprise server farms and data centers with high speed data. The 25G Ethernet consortium also helps to accelerate availability of interoperable products”.

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About Truechip

Truechip, the Verification IP specialist, is a leading provider of Verification IP solutions – which help you, accelerate your design, lowering the cost and the risks associated with the development of your ASIC, FPGA and SOC. Truechip is a privately held company, with a global footprint and sales coverage across North America, Europe and Asia. Truechip has been serving customers since almost last 7 yrs in VLSI with a strong and experienced leadership. Truechip provides industry’s first 24x5 support model with specialization in VIP integration, customization and SOC Verification.

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