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Truechip Announces First Customer Shipment of PCIe Gen 5 and JESD204C Verification IP

Truechip Announces First Customer Shipment of PCIe Gen 5 and JESD204C Verification IP

San Jose, February 26, 2018: Truechip, the Verification IP Specialist announced today, at DVCON US 2018, that it has shipped early adoption version of PCIe Gen 5 and JESD204C VIP.

On this occasion, Nitin Kishore, CEO, Truechip, said, “I am glad to share that we are celebrating 10 years of Truechip in 2018. The journey has been remarkable and today we have a broad VIP product portfolio with scores of customers all across the globe. Our Philosophy of P3 - Prompt Support, Proven Solution and Perfect Integration distinguishes us from others”.

“PCIe Gen 5 with 32 GTps will be advantageous for high end GPUs, machine learning processors and faster data transfer to Ethernet protocols being used in servers and data centers. The new PIPE 5.0 interface also supports reduced pin count and easier reuse of PHY modules, added Nitin.

“JESD204C provides for 3x faster speed compared to its predecessor JESD204B, which will allow for faster sampling at ADCs and DACs, thus improving precision by noting very quick changes. It also improves efficiency by refining the encoding method to 64b-66b for high speed data”, Nitin further added.

Few PCIe Gen 5 VIP features:

  • 32.0 GT/s Data Rate per lane with backwards compatibility.
  • Support for newly added PHY serdes architecture in pipe specification 5.0 and modified TS1 & TS2 order set.

Few JESD204C VIP features:

  • Supports serial data rate up to 32 Gbps & all class devices for B/C categories.
  • Deterministic latency machine by LMFC/LEMC.

Speaking on the occasion, Saurabh Agarwal, Head, Marketing & Sales, Truechip said, “Brand Truechip has evolved into a major global player as the preferred organization for providing Verification IP products. The market in US offers huge potential for Truechip’s VIP’s that are known for their quality, reliability, performance and robust 24x5 support”.

About Truechip:

Truechip is a leading provider of Verification IP solutions, which aid to accelerate IP/ SOC design thus lowering the cost and the risks associated with the development of ASIC, FPGA and SOC. The company has sales and support coverage across North America, Europe and Asia. Truechip has been serving customers for almost a decade in VLSI and offers Industry’s first 24x5 technical support.

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