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Truechip Partners with SoAR Solution Inc. to Market Verification IP Products in Korea

Truechip-PR-Feb 2017

Truechip Partners with SoAR Solution Inc. to Market Verification IP Products in Korea

February 16, 2017 – Truechip Solutions, the Verification IP specialist, announced partnership with SoAR Solution Inc. Truechip has appointed SoAR Solution Inc. as its authorized sales representative for Korea.

Nitin Kishore, CEO of Truechip, commented that "Truechip is growing worldwide as a provider of Comprehensive Verification IP. Partnership with SoAR Solution .Inc, help us to connect better and bridge the language barrier with our Korean customers. This partnership will also help to ensure that our Korean customers get better service as well as high-quality Verification IP products"

Young Bin Cho, CEO of SoAR Solution.Inc, commented that “Truechip is the leading Verification IP supplier in the world. We are pleased to be authorized as the sales representative of Truechip in Korea. It will help us to supply our customers with the best solutions for verification - IP and SoC”

About Truechip

Truechip, the Verification IP specialist, is a leading provider of Design and Verification solutions – which help you accelerate your design, lowering the cost and the risks associated with the development of your ASIC, FPGA and SoC. Truechip is a privately held company, with a global footprint and sales coverage across North America, Europe and Asia. Truechip has been serving customers since last 7 yrs in VLSI with a strong and experienced leadership. Truechip provides industry’s first 24x5 support model with specialization in VIP integration, customization and SOC Verification.
Truechip is also a member of MIPI Alliance (www.mipi.org) and also provides Verification IPs for MIPI interfaces. MIPI Alliance is a global, collaborative organization comprised of companies that span the mobile ecosystem and are committed to defining and promoting interface specifications for mobile devices.

About SoAR Solution Inc.

SoAR Solution Inc. started in 2010 as an exclusive supplier of ASIC design services, IP solutions and EDA solutions to companies. We are helping our customers succeed with the best design companies in the world with excellent support and sales to support ASIC/IPs.

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