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TrueChip Solutions Gets Great Customer Response at DVCon 2014

November 2013 Truechip to attend DVCon 2014

TrueChip Solutions Gets Great Customer Response at DVCon 2014

New York, NY (March 12, 2014) - Truechip Solutions, the Verification IP Specialist, announced today that its participation at DVCon 2014 in San Jose, CA was a great success. Nitin Kishore, CEO of TrueChip, said “Our booth attracted engineers from more than 35 companies who really liked our product demos and were excited about the new product offerings that we have coming out this year. We used this event to introduce our new products like USB 3.1, UFS 2.0, AMBA 4 ACE, SSIC, etc and the customer interactions were useful in getting their feedback. All of our new products were well received and customer feedback was quite positive.”

TrueChip VIPs are simulator and hardware platform agnostic and can be used with any of the industry leading simulators for dynamic verification. Assertions shipped with the VIPs are compatible with leading formal verification tool in the industry. TrueChip's VIPs are also emulation ready and can be used on various emulation platforms available in the industry today.

TrueChip is a young and fast growing company, which offers VIPs spanning across AMBA, MIPI and USB interface protocols. These VIPs are natively developed in System Verilog (UVM) and are in production use at various customer sites across the world.

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