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USB Type-C and Power Delivery (The Evolution of USB)

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USB Type-C and Power Delivery (The Evolution of USB)

Universal Serial Bus (USB) has evolved from a data interface capable of supplying limited power to a device capable of being a primary provider of power with a data interface.  USB PD has become a ubiquitous power socket for many small electronic devices. The sole purpose is to fulfill the requirements not only in terms of data but also to provide scalable power to charge the device(s), often without the need of loading a driver. With the help of Type-C connector, one can achieve re-usability of USB-C interface line by configuring the interface.

USB PD has four different modes as Consumer, Provider, Consumer/Provider and Provider/Consumer. Power Delivery supports all types of Role Swapping FR_Swap (FastRole), PR_Swap (PowerRole), DR_Swap (DataRole) and Vconn_Swap (VconnProvider)).. It also supports Vendor Defined Messages (VDM) for alternate mode configuration, dead battery operation, different types of functionality as DRP, DFP, UFP and DRP_accessory, Type-C Voltage and Current Advertisement. USB PD is Built In Self-Test (BIST).

USB Power Delivery with type-C connector has various application in daily life such as a Hard Disk Drive, Mobile Phones, Monitors, Pen drives, Mouse,Keyboards, Laptops and allother powered appliances which consume lesser or equal to 100watts..

Truechip USB type C power delivery Verification IP is bundled with BFMs (Bus Functional Models), Monitor (Protocol Checker), Scoreboard (Data Integrity Checker), Test Environment, Test Suite, User Reference Documents and GUI for debugging to reduce the design cycle time.

VIP Test suite includes:

  • Basic and Directed Protocol Tests
  • Random Tests
  • Error Scenario Tests
  • Assertions & Cover Point Tests

VIP Documentation includes:

  • Integration Guide
  • User Manual
  • FAQ’s Document
  • Integration Power Point Presentation for quick reference
  • Release Notes

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